I enjoyed getting to the tape of Clay as I wondered what would he have done to hurt Hannah. I should’ve known that what has landed him so maybe of the tapes will not be bad and that Clay was being himself. 13 Reasons Why Episode 12 brings us to the penultimate tape of Hannah finally bringing the day of her life. It begins with her parents arguing over how to manage their spouse, whom they owe back rent because the family business has been hurt by the WalPlex. Hannah offers to drop off a number of her cash at the bank to ease. Hannah stops back from the bank because she stopped in her parent’s request to pick up her paycheck from Clay. Clay is a bit because this is the first time they have seen each other put off but surprisingly they have a conversation. When she loses the money intended to save her loved ones the good deed of Hannah comes to a stop. Her parents look alright propelling her emotions although she feels horrible about the situation. She finds her way and takes a walk. She has the strength and encourages Hannah to get in although she walks in to find Jessica wasted in the tub but. Justin and Jessica evaporate as she attempts to leave he rapes her and pulls her back in, leaving her.

This moment was tripping I needed to pause the 13 Reasons Why episode and have a minute before I could continue. Of opting to demonstrate these moments on a platform, the grace was that they had been treated with care that broke me open and moved me.She makes a map of everyone that hurt her and all the all connected when Hannah leaves Bryce’s party. She makes the choice that nobody could ever hurt her again and steps back to examine the record. So in fact the Baker Family may get justice, everybody except Sheri was subpoenaed to appear at the Baker hearing. Assuming nobody will believe Hannah’s narrative while pretending to buy weed, Clay takes justice into his own hands and faces Bryce. He uses this chance to ask with Hannah. Bryce considers that Hannah gave permission which punche Bryce from the face and makes Clay it. Clay is beaten by the soccer player it hurt to watch. Jessica comes to terms with her pain and pours the spirits bottles out and takes a shower to wash herself of the pain. He makes mistakes however, the worst told her to proceed and suggesting that she agreed to her rape. We learn that she has been recording this conversation for her tape. Tape 13. Hannah goes to mail runs and her tapes the librarian she met. It was at this time I wondered if she would call off her suicide and take Robert up. She puts on some clothes and stands by her choice, fills her bathtub and slits her wrists open. The scene was for.

In present day, Clay faces Porter about Hannah, and because he did not understand what was happening in her mind as Clay pulls out the tapes, he won’t take the blame. It is so sad that are when they are needed the most, those that can hurt them. Meanwhile, the students are giving nobody fesses up to anything except Sheri who admits to her role in the accident of Jeff and their taped deposition. Tyler, who does not confess doing does mention all and the tapes. Before he departs for his testimony taping, we see Tyler packaging up ammunition and firearms into his camera case. As he stands in a room, it is clear he’s even and plans a list Photos of all of the men and women who were unkind to him. There’s a flashback to Alex as we jump back to the present he eliminates the picture of Alex and we see Clay’s photo hanging, standing up for Tyler in the school hallway. Tony goes to the pharmacy of the Baker and gifts them with the tapes including Bryce’s confession of Hannah. Tony realizes that this is the only way for the story of Hannah and apologizes for the delay.

As confessions are made by the team we learn that Alex, has shot himself. His was the body we found at the start in the back of an ambulance. It was no wonderment that he was mortal why anybody didn’t attempt to help him, but as wonder. Another person Sky is seen by Clay being the friend most of us need. As is seeking to move forward in his lifetime Clay is becoming more at peace. Tony’s boyfriend and Clay, Tony take a callback into the tapes, a ride in the car of Tony, ends with a ride. Overall, me has changed as a critic and a person the bar was raised to a level and networks have to reach. This show is something which will stick with you for many years to come and definitely make you a better person. Authors, the casting, directors, and cinematography are worthy of awards although the bar was raised by this 13 Reasons Why series but put it so high it is going to take years for shows to catch up. Watch 13 reasons why here.

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